Feel better with Reflexology

If your feet hurt, everything hurts! It can make doing the things you love difficult! I can help! We have thousand of nerve endings in our feet. By applying pressure we can help to promote deep relaxation and stimulates the body's natural ability to self heal.

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Essential oils, can help promote relaxation and a sense of well being. We use oils as a compliment to your session. There are scrubs available too!



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Foot Detox

Coming soon...Ionic foot cleanse!!

Great way to rid the body of toxins!

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Living well...

Peace of mind, body and spirit is the focus! Looking at health from the inside -out. Eating well, taking care and loving ourselves through movement and Reflexology to live our most authentic and joyous life.

I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years (wow, that is a long time) and from managing gyms to teaching classes, one thing hold true-- the desire that taking care of ourselves is crucial! From the food we eat, movement and decreasing the stressors we place on our bodies connecting to our "inner self" is so important. Reflexology helps you TUNE IN and get connected.

Along with all of that, learning how the lymphatic system works, to naturally detox our bodies how awesome!  I am amazed how much our bodies want us to be in balance.

Caring, energetic and fun is how I approach my life and would love to assist on helping you too! Your feet tell a story. Reflexology can benefit in numerous ways.


Next Steps...

If you would like to book a Reflexology session, please email or leave me a message.

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